“Passionfruit” Paramore Cover

I just wanted to write a small and quick post about this cover I found. I have been thinking about it a lot mostly because I think this cover really shows the complexity to the lyrics of this song. I sometimes feel that when an artist is considered “rap” or “pop”, they create a song and most people are listening to it because its from … Continue reading “Passionfruit” Paramore Cover

Calvin Harris Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

Before I get started on all my excitement about this album, I wanted to first mention that the reason I haven’t posted anything this past month is because I have been in summer school. It was NOT FUN, and I don’t suggest it. Long story short, I had to take a research paper class that’s required for every major at SF State, and I decided … Continue reading Calvin Harris Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

Coldplay at ‘One Love Manchester’

Recently, Ariana Grande held a benefit concert for the victims of a terrorist attack that happened at her concert in Manchester two weeks prior. The benefit concert was held on June 4, 2017 and all the proceeds went towards the victims and families of the attack. But more than that, it brought everyone together during this scary and horrific time. Some of the other artists … Continue reading Coldplay at ‘One Love Manchester’

Florence Welch, a goddess

My longstanding obsession with Florence Welch seems to ignite every time I hear one of her songs. Her bands full name is Florence + The Machine, and they are mostly put into the Alternative or Indie Rock categories, although she sometimes collaborates with pop artists too. The first time I saw her perform, it was my freshman year of high school and The Weeknd was … Continue reading Florence Welch, a goddess