Calvin Harris Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

Before I get started on all my excitement about this album, I wanted to first mention that the reason I haven’t posted anything this past month is because I have been in summer school. It was NOT FUN, and I don’t suggest it. Long story short, I had to take a research paper class that’s required for every major at SF State, and I decided to write mine on the digital transformation in the music industry, but I had five weeks to write this 12 page research paper and it was INTENSE. but anyway…

CALVIN HARRIS. He kills it every summer with his releases but this is something special. This album is a funk album with a hip hop vibe incorporated into it. The thing I absolutely love about this album is that he had so many collaborations on it. The first song he released on the album was Slide featuring Frank Ocean and Migos, all of which are very popular in music right now. Calvin Harris also released a video on his social media platforms showing how the produced the song:

The reason I loved this video was mostly because as a producer, he doesn’t get enough credit for how much he does to create his music. Its mostly electronic so I feel like the artistry within that is lost a lot of the time. Harris released four songs as singles before the album was released and these were, Slide, Rollin, Feels, and Heatstroke. I honestly enjoyed every single one of these releases, which got me very excited for the album as a whole. Rollin has my boy Khalid in it, which got me excited in the first place. Feels really surprised me. I think Katy Perry did an amazing job in it, and Pharrell as well. Pharrell is an all time favorite of mine, mostly because of all the work he’s done in the music industry behind the scenes. Heatstroke has such a good beat to it, I think it was one of the first songs he released for this album that had a really nice funk sound to it. I especially like Cash Out because of the ending. It has that soulful, melodic, voice compilation that we see in a lot of classic funk songs.

The album as a whole is amazing. Like I say, it is so rare to find a full album of good songs in todays music. I actually did a little bit on research for this for my paper, and I did find that with the creation of MP3s and the iPod, it stopped being a priority for artists to have great albums. When people started to have the option to buy single songs, it diminished the artwork of a complete album. When vinyl was prominent, and even CDs, it was important for all the songs to go in an order to be listened to. It is sad that this art form has been lost, but when albums like this come out, it gets me very excited.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a little something about my appreciation for this album. Harris hasn’t really spoken about it too much so there isn’t a lot of into about the album itself but all in all its AMAZING and theres something in there for everyone, which I really like!:-)

Below is the YouTube videos for all the songs that Harris put up on this channel. Only one of the songs has an official video out right now, but… THE COLORS. He did such a good job at choosing very aesthetically pleasing colors for this video and I think it matches the 70s funk scene very well. But the audio videos that he attached to the songs have the same color tones that match the album as well. We even see some wildlife and nature in some of the videos. Im sure as he released more music videos they will be just as cool.


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